It is important that our driver training courses are kept to the highest quality, so that our driver training courses are kept to the highest standards.

We have our own Trosta Park facility only five minutes from Arlanda Airport where we provide driver training in road safety and eco-driving.

There are, among other things, asphalt track, a slipway, 4x4 track, several different technology halls, theory halls and also a large conference facility. In order to help as many companies as possible to increase safety for their employees in the traffic, we also have driver training in two other places in Sweden, namely Gothenburg and in winter Åre.

Other locations

Contact us for a request if the place you wish to drive is not presented on this page. We also have the opportunity to visit your company and carry out our driver training in the company's own premises and cars.

Trosta Park

​​​​​​​We have our own Trosta Park facility only 5 minutes from Arlanda Airport. Here we provide driver training in safety driving and eco-driving and here you will find a asphalt track of 2.3 km, skidpad, 4 × 4 course, several different technology halls and theory halls and a large conference facility.


​​​​​​​At our own facility in Åre we have driver training in winter driving on ice during the winter months. We are located in central Åre only a five minutes walk from Åre Torg. You travel easily by train or plane to Åre, by train it stops at Åre Station right by our ice facility on Åresjön. We can offer accommodation and conference facilities in collaboration with, among others, Holiday Club in Åre.


Stora Holm Trafiksövningsplatsplats is only a 20 minutes drive from central Gothenburg and offers large asphalt tracks and skidpads. Stora Holm Trafiksövningsplatsplats is easily accessible from both southern and central Sweden and from the southern parts of Norway.