Active Driving

Active Driving started in 1997 with a vision of making the roads a safer place. We felt that there was a need to further educate employees within companies so that they can travel safely in the service, but the opportunities were lacking.

So we entered the market and since the start we have focused on companies that have a car policy where safety and the environment are prioritized. We are now market-leading when it comes to driver training for companies with personnel who use company cars in traffic.
What many do not know is that the Swedish Work Environment Authority considers road safety to be a work environment issue where the employer has a responsibility to minimize the risks of traffic-related accidents. It is also something that should be part of the systematic environment work in a company, which we can help you with through our driver training.

Therefore, the most important thing for us is that you, as an employer, is able to trust that we have the skills required for your company's employees to receive the best possible driver education. Since quality and safety are our key words, we ensure that all of our instructors are certified and have a background in either the police, fire department or similar professional vehicle driving. Road safety has been a big part of their work and we always guarantee that our instructors have long experience of training in safety driving and the automotive industry.

Our driver training is accurate and pedagogical, with a focus on safety driving and eco-driving where we practice driving in an environmentally friendly, economical and efficient way without losing time or speed.

We only require driving license level B as prior training from the employees who wish to participate in a driver training.