winter driving

Being able to drive safely when the wather is nice and the conditions are perfect is one thing, but doing it on ice-covered roads when winter is in full swing is another. Therefore, we have developed a driver education in winter driving where our training participants get to practice slippery driving on a frozen lake in Åre. If you and your employees want accommodation and a conference in connection with the education, we can offer that so, please feel free to contact us with your wishes and we will tailor the experience after that.

Our driver education in winter driving is a theoretical and practical driver training according to the Swedish Work Environment Authority's recommendations for people who drive a company car in work. Driver training extends over a working day and starts with road safety theory before it is time for the practical parts of the driver training.

After the last exercise, we summarize the day together before all participants receive a diploma.

The driver training

The initial road safety theory is adapted to your car policy but includes:
  • Discussion about the participants' experiences in traffic
  • Risk factors in the traffic environment and measures for risk minimization, the impact of speed, fatigue and distractions in traffic
  • Loading protection and overloading
  • Tire knowledge and learning the impact of road construction
  • Vehicle technical safety system
  • Review of current accident statistics and how to act in the event of an accident or arrival at an accident site.

Straight braking with reaction time exercise
Purpose: To become aware of the influence of speed on the braking distance on snow and ice and to brake properly in a panic situation.

Brake with escape maneuver
Purpose: To sit, look and control correctly and to gain knowledge of how a modern car behaves at a powerful maneuver on snow and ice. Be aware of how you react and act in a difficult traffic situation and learn to understand the importance of speed for road safety and to use the car's modern safety system correctly.

Slalom driving
Purpose: To test and gain knowledge of the advantages and limitations of stabilization systems in modern cars in our slalom track.
Circle track
Purpose: To try and gain knowledge about how to handle the car on slippery surfaces in a controlled oversteer.

Ice track
Purpose: To sit, look and control correctly, gain knowledge of how a modern car behaves on snow and ice. Be aware of how you react and act in a difficult traffic situation on winter roads with both understeer and oversteering around our ice track. 


Time: 8.15-16.30
Number of participants: 8-16 participants. If more participants than 16 contact us for more information
Cars: We use cars from Toyota model range
Location: Åre 
Other: Lunch included. We can also offer accommodation and conference facilities in connection with the training. The training can be customized according to your needs, contact us for more information
Booking: Contact us or book directly