Education in eco-driving

Driving more environmentally conscious is something everyone can do to reduce their environmental impact through eco-driving. If you as an employer want to take responsibility for ensuring that your employees do so through their driving in work, we will be happy to help you.

Our driver training in eco-driving is a theoretical and practical driver training according to the Swedish Work Environment Authority's recommendations for people driving a company car. We start the day off with the first of two theory parts before moving on to the practical driver training in eco-driving, where we show how to make small changes in ones driving style to reduce their environmental impact.

Driver training in eco-driving takes half a day to complete and we conclude by summarizing the day before everyone who has participated in the education receives their diplomas.

The driver education

The first part of the theory is adapted to your car policy but includes:
  • The technology in our cars
  • Fuel
  • The technology of the future
  • Electric cars and hybrid cars
  • To think about in case of accident or arrival at an accident site

Eco-driving, practical
To show how you as a driver with a changed driving style can get ten to 20 percent fuel reduction and a reduced environmental impact without losing any time or speed.

Eco-driving, Theory
Together we discuss the impact that traffic has on the environment, how you can drive sparingly but still efficiently through eco-driving, we give tips and advice on how eco-driving in everyday life can be done and we also discuss the future hybrid and electric car both in terms of driving and use.


Time: 8.45–12.30 or 12.45-16.30
Number of participants: 8-16 participants. When booking individual participants, these can be booked on some of our open days, if more participants than 16 contact us for more information
Cars: We use cars from Toyota model program when training at Trosta Park (Stockholm), at the other locations we use the participants' own cars
Locations: Stockholm & Ring Knutstorp. 
Other: Lunch included. The training can be specially adapted to your needs, contact us for more information
Booking: Contact us or book directly