Our driver training in safety driving and eco-driving is our most complete training and consists of theoretical and practical driver training according to the Swedish Work Environment Authority's recommendations for you who drives a company car. 

We start the training with a road safety theory-session before moving on to eco-driving in both theory and practice. After that it is time for lunch before our instructors take you to the practical part of the road safety training which consists of various exercises on our test track and slipway. It is a comprehensive road safety training where we cover precision maneuvering, straight braking with reaction time exercise, brake with escape maneuver and finally slippery driving on our slipway.

Driver training in safety driving and eco-driving takes a whole working day to complete and we conclude by summarizing the day before everyone who has participated in the education receives their diplomas.

The driver education

The initial road safety theory is adapted to your car policy but includes:
  • Discussion about the participants' experiences in traffic
  • Risk factors in the traffic environment and measures for risk minimization, the impact of speed, fatigue and distractions in traffic
  • Loading protection and overloading
  • Tire knowledge and learning the impact of road construction
  • Vehicle technical safety system
  • Review of current accident statistics and how to act in the event of an accident or arrival at an accident site.

Eco-driving, practical
Purpose: To show how you as a driver with a changed driving style can get ten to 20 percent fuel reduction and a reduced environmental impact without losing any time or speed.

Eco-driving, Theory
Purpose: Together we discuss the impact that traffic has on the environment, how you can drive sparingly but still efficiently through eco-driving, we give tips and advice on how eco-driving in everyday life can be done and we also discuss the future hybrid and electric car both in terms of driving and use.
Precision Operation (Low Speed Operation)
: To learn how to maneuver the vehicle in confined spaces safely
Using both internal and external rear-view mirrors and other technical safety equipment.

Straight braking with reaction time exercise
To become aware of the speed's influence on the braking distance of the current surface and to brake properly in panic situations.

Brake with escape maneuver
To sit, look and control correctly and to gain knowledge of how a modern car behaves at a powerful maneuver on the current subject matter. Be aware of how you react and act in a difficult traffic situation and learn to understand the importance of speed for road safety and to use the car's modern safety system correctly.

Driving on slipway
To sit, look and control right and to gain knowledge of how a modern car behaves at a heavy maneuver on slippery surfaces simulated on our slipway. Be aware of how you react and act in a difficult traffic situation on winter roads.

safety driving
and eco-driving

Time: 8.45-16.30 
Number of participants: 8-16 participants. When booking for a few participants, these can join our open days, if more participants than 16 contact us to set it up. 
Cars: We use cars from Toyota model program when training at Trosta Park (Stockholm), at the other locations we use the participants' own cars. 
Locations: Stockholm & Ring Knutstorp. 
Other: Lunch is included. The training can be customized according to your needs, contact us for further information. 
Booking: Contact us or book directly